Variety LoopVariety Loop

Variety Loop

5 Hydrogel Face Masks. Try them all.

5 masks | $30
Fall Skin RefreshFall Skin Refresh

Fall Skin Refresh

The perfect curation to keep your skin glowy as the days get shorter and cooler.

15 masks | $90
"Glow-Up" Set (Loops x Kosas)"Glow-Up" Set (Loops x Kosas)

"Glow-Up" Set (Loops x Kosas)

Limited Edition, Get Party-Ready From Start To Finish with Kosas x LOOPS

limited edition | $60
Zen EssentialsZen Essentials

Zen Essentials

Masks for the zen moments in your life. The perfect trio to start, end and reset your days & weeks.

21 masks | $101
Social ButterflySocial Butterfly

Social Butterfly

Bundle that support your skin and your social calendar. The ultimate triple threat for pre & after party, to help you look your best in any light.

12 masks | $58