Glow Essentials

Emily’s go-to essentials for major glow

$85 $95 (15 Masks)


2x Double Take
Our most glow worthy mask, Double Take is your Summer glow-up must-have that helps to boost and refine your complexion with our anti-sebum complex while supporting the rest of your face with much needed humectant nutrients supplied by sunflower seed oil. Then hyalurosmooth (a plant-based hyaluronic acid) moisturizes and brightens alongside soothing aloe vera to ensure you always look your this season ;)

1x Eye Mask
The perfect companion when needing to brighten and lift your eyes on Summer days when 8 hours of sleep just isn’t an option. Insider trick: put these in your fridge for some cooling and depuffing eye treatment to help you look your best before any big occasion


“Double Take is my go-to mask for when I'm looking for major glow in only 10 minutes”