Hugs & Kisses

The perfect gift for inspiring (and receiving) the look of love
$50 $60 (10 Masks)


1x Double Take
Starting off with our most glow worthy mask, Double Take hugs your skin with our anti-sebum complex to refine and make room for much needed nutrients supplied by sunflower seed oil. Then hyalurosmooth (a plant-based hyaluronic acid) moisturizes and brightens alongside soothing aloe vera to ensure you always look your best for whoever you’re looking to see.

1x Lip Mask
Follow up with some extra lip lovin’ for all of your V-Day kisses ;) Packed with super gentle aloe vera, moisture-replenishing bioduoferm, plumping jojoba seed extract, and a nourishing flower complex, you’ll be certain to leave with a look of love.

*does not come with zipper bag


“I’ve always been a firm believer in consistency and simplicity when it comes to my skincare needs.”