Variety Loop

A collection to give you options for the moments you experience. You never know what might come up, so why not try them all?


Sunrise Service

When you wake up to brighten and protect with anti-oxidants

Night Shift

Before bed to calm and moisturize

Clean Slate

After a workout or long day to cleanse and detox

Double Take

Before big events for a major glow

Weekly Reset

At the end of the week to rejuvenate and prevent aging

How To Use

Step 1

First: notice a moment you want to make better. Then clean and dry your skin.

Step 2

Open up the Loop and apply the textured side to your face. 

Step 3

Enjoy life for one loop (10 minutes), then peel off slowly.

Step 5

You’re done—well, almost. Now you can compost the mask and recycle the tray. It’s that simple, like it should be.

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How To Use

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