Winter Essentials

Emily's go-to essentials for winter face care
$70 $80 (15 Masks)


1x Night Shift
Night Shift is our bedtime table essential, working its rejuvenating magic while you sleep. Repair and replenish with super hydrating allantoin, restore and plump with collagen, and provide your skin with nutrient-rich ingredients like cactus extract, while rosemary, peppermint and lavender help to soothe your skin into a winter slumber. Talk about elevating your beauty sleep ;)

1x Double Take
Our most glow worthy mask, Double Take helps to boost and refine your skin with our anti-sebum complex while supporting the rest of your complexion with much needed nutrients supplied by sunflower seed oil. Then hyalurosmooth (a plant-based hyaluronic acid) moisturizes and brightens alongside soothing aloe vera to ensure you always look your best for whoever you’re looking to see.

1x Lip Mask
This finishing touch completes your winter essentials routine and serves as your secret weapon when needing to soften and moisturize your lips against the harsh winter weather.


“Simplicity is the answer when it comes to skincare.”


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