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All loops come in a 5 pack

Variety LoopVariety Loop

Variety Loop

5 Hydrogel Face Masks. Try them all. Now featuring our new Nighttime Slugging mask Dream Sleep

5 masks | $30
Under Eye MaskUnder Eye Mask

Under Eye Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Eye Mask

5 pairs | $25
Sunrise ServiceSunrise Service

Sunrise Service

Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Weekly ResetWeekly Reset

Weekly Reset

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Double TakeDouble Take

Double Take

Glow Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Dream SleepDream Sleep

Dream Sleep

Nighttime Slugging Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35
Fresh PeelFresh Peel

Fresh Peel

Resurfacing Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35
Clean SlateClean Slate

Clean Slate

Detoxifying Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
White Jade Stone Facial RollerWhite Jade Stone Facial Roller

White Jade Stone Facial Roller

The perfect tool to pair with your LOOPS masks and face care routine

1 roller | $20
Gift CardGift Card

Gift Card

Our Gift Card is a perfect option if you're not sure what to get or if you're in a time crunch. Our digital Gift Cards are redeemable online only. Gift Cards will be emailed to you after checkout. Simply forward it to the person of your choice.

loops beauty | $25
Hyper SmoothHyper Smooth

Hyper Smooth

Dark Spot Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35

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Loops Hydrogel Beauty Face Masks

LOOPS hydrogel beauty face and eye masks are formulated with the most targeted dermatologist approved ingredients. Why Sunrise Service? detoxifies and targets the effects of late nights and early mornings so you and your skin look awake and alert. Vitamin-rich pumpkin extract helps to depuff and fight signs of fatigue, while regenerative baobab oil restores moisture and promotes resilient-looking skin. Our white flower complex helps to brighten and refresh tired-looking skin, and probiotic blend Bio Duoferm helps boost antioxidant activity to protect your skin from stress caused by smoke and smog. Why Night Shift? Specifically formulated to support your skin's natural nighttime renewal process. Allantoin, a potent skin soother, helps promote cell repair, hydrolyzed collagen hydrates and firms skin’s appearance, and nutrient-dense cactus extract guards against the effects of sun damage. Our calming blend of herbs and flowers soothes your skin and your self, ensuring you wake up looking and feeling refreshed.