What does your face need?

    A Month on LOOPA Month on LOOP

    A Month on LOOP

    A full month of LOOPS. Take a comprehensive approach to your skincare and build a weekly routine that works best for you.

    25 masks | $124
    A Skin Cycle WeekA Skin Cycle Week

    A Skin Cycle Week

    A week of perfect skin. A Skin Cycle Week bundle helps you reset and reveal your best complexion yet.

    6 masks | $38
    First TimerFirst Timer

    First Timer

    The First-Timer bundle features our best-sellers to help you achieve a fresh & glowing complexion.

    10 masks | $51
    Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb

    Hit the do not disturb mode & dive into a ritual of pampering with the ultimate at-home-spa experience.

    30 masks | $144
    Travel EssentialsTravel Essentials

    Travel Essentials

    The perfect travel companion.

    12 masks | $65
    Glow GangGlow Gang

    Glow Gang

    The Urban Outfitters x LOOPS exclusive Glow Gang collection for your mornings, days and nights

    3 masks | $18
    Skincare Obsessed KitSkincare Obsessed Kit

    Skincare Obsessed Kit

    This one's the ultimate all-around skincare booster that helps you to reset, detox and gently exfoliate.

    3 masks | $19
    Variety LoopVariety Loop

    Variety Loop

    5 Hydrogel Face Masks. Try them all. Now featuring our new Nighttime Slugging mask Dream Sleep

    5 masks | $30

    Beauty Face & Under Eye Mask Bundles

    Our selection of bundles is carefully curated to provide comprehensive skincare for a truly radiant, refined and nourished complexion. Each beauty face mask kit is made in South Korea from clean, eco-friendly and herbal ingredients like Rice Water Extract and Collagen to provide vitamins, nutrients and curated treatments for bright younger-looking skin.