What does your face need?

    Self Love BundleSelf Love Bundle

    Self Love Bundle

    For whatever life throws your way, know you can always moisturize, hydrate, brighten, detox or glow your problems away.

    25 masks | $128
    The Love BundleThe Love Bundle

    The Love Bundle

    No matter the date, The LOVE Bundle brings you both the best of all worlds.

    6 masks | $36
    Hang-Out BundleHang-Out Bundle

    Hang-Out Bundle

    Nothing says a fun night with friends, quite like face-makes, cocktails and the latest gossip sesh.

    6 masks | $34
    Fall Skin RefreshFall Skin Refresh

    Fall Skin Refresh

    The perfect curation to keep your skin glowy as the days get shorter and cooler.

    15 masks | $90
    Zen EssentialsZen Essentials

    Zen Essentials

    Masks for the zen moments in your life. The perfect trio to start, end and reset your days & weeks.

    21 masks | $101
    Social ButterflySocial Butterfly

    Social Butterfly

    Bundle that support your skin and your social calendar. The ultimate triple threat for pre & after party, to help you look your best in any light.

    12 masks | $58
    Best Seller
    Variety LoopVariety Loop

    Variety Loop

    5 Hydrogel Face Masks. Try them all.

    5 masks | $30

    Beauty Face & Under Eye Mask Bundles

    Our selection of bundles is carefully curated to provide comprehensive skincare for a truly radiant, refined and nourished complexion. Each beauty face mask kit is made in South Korea from clean, eco-friendly and herbal ingredients like Rice Water Extract and Collagen to provide vitamins, nutrients and curated treatments for bright younger-looking skin.