We are working hard to constantly improve elements of our company to become a more sustainable brand. True transparency and sustainability is a core goal of the company today, and will continue to be as we continue to grow, evolve and change.


After taking a step back to understand how we can do better in this area and how we can best support our planet today and in the future, we've identified several key missions and are working toward these as a company.


Introducing our Bio-Boxes was the first step in our packaging overhaul process. Now, we are reducing our packaging components by over 50% for each face mask, and overall use of plastic by 80% by removing the PCR tray from each mask pouch. Of the remaining elements left in the packaging, we are working to switch to more sustainable options using biodegradable materials. Unfortunately due to the nature of having a serum activated product, we can’t eliminate plastic entirely, but we are hoping to replace any required plastic with bio-plastics, created from sugar cane waste, which biodegrade as natural materials over time.


While we roll out the new packaging plan over the coming 6 months, we are developing long-term sustainable solutions including re-fillable options, as well as applying advanced technology to produce a new form of packaging that is carbon positive. This iteration of packaging we hope to have in effect within 2023.

  2. 2. MASKS

We are constantly assessing the latest technologies available in Hydrogel masking to ensure we’re providing the best possible quality product (that we all love), and also the most sustainable. We’re working to create completely biodegradable and/or compostable masks, and hope to have prototypes by the end of the year.


We are constantly looking at our supply chain and how we can reduce the impact we have on the planet in terms of freight. We have significantly reduced any air freight from our manufacturers in Korea, meaning our product takes longer to arrive but we feel good about it. As our packaging and refillable options evolve, we will be able to dramatically reduce the weight and size of the packages we send, improving efficiencies as a business but also reducing the carbon it takes to get there.


As a brand in today’s world, our place in the global ecosystem is more critical than ever. We have the opportunity to enact reform in substantive ways, and to fundamentally change the way that we do business, always with our planet and consumer in mind.