Variety LoopVariety Loop

Variety Loop

5 Hydrogel Face Masks. Try them all. Now featuring our new slugging mask Dream Sleep

5 masks | $30
Under Eye MaskUnder Eye Mask

Under Eye Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Eye Mask

5 pairs | $25
Weekly ResetWeekly Reset

Weekly Reset

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Clean SlateClean Slate

Clean Slate

Detoxifying Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Double TakeDouble Take

Double Take

Glow Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Sunrise ServiceSunrise Service

Sunrise Service

Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Hyper SmoothHyper Smooth

Hyper Smooth

Dark Spot Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35
Dream SleepDream Sleep

Dream Sleep

Nighttime Slugging Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35
Weekly Reset Single MaskWeekly Reset Single Mask

Weekly Reset Single Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Face Mask.

1 mask | $6
Fresh PeelFresh Peel

Fresh Peel

Resurfacing Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35
A Holiday on LOOPA Holiday on LOOP

A Holiday on LOOP

A full month, or "holiday" of LOOPS. Build your weekly routine and get the best of everything, every week.

25 masks | $124
Sunrise Service Single MaskSunrise Service Single Mask

Sunrise Service Single Mask

Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask. We’re all about the singles. Stocking stuffers, the perfect office gift, or a little something extra for yourself.

1 mask | $6
Clean Slate Single MaskClean Slate Single Mask

Clean Slate Single Mask

Detoxifying Hydrogel Face Mask. We’re all about the singles. Stocking stuffers, the perfect office gift, or a little something extra for yourself.

1 mask | $6
Glow GangGlow Gang

Glow Gang

The Urban Outfitters x LOOPS exclusive Glow Gang collection for your mornings, days and nights

3 masks | $18
Double Take Single MaskDouble Take Single Mask

Double Take Single Mask

Glow Hydrogel Face Mask. We’re all about the singles. Stocking stuffers, the perfect office gift, or a little something extra for yourself.

1 mask | $6
Work Wife KitWork Wife Kit

Work Wife Kit

Meet the Work Wife Kit, specially crafted for your office partner-in-crime, because their skincare should would as hard as they do.

3 masks | $18
A Skin Cycle WeekA Skin Cycle Week

A Skin Cycle Week

A week of perfect skin. A Skin Cycle Week bundle helps you reset and reveal your best complexion yet. Gift your beauty-loving friend a full week of perfect skin

6 masks | $37
"Me" Time"Me" Time

"Me" Time

Masks that make you want to stay-in. Self-care is a necessary form of self-love, set a side 10-minutes a day for just you & LOOPS.

15 masks | $81
First TimerFirst Timer

First Timer

Gift the First-Timer bundle featuring our best-sellers to someone who appreciates a fresh face as much as you do.

10 masks | $50
Glow EssentialsGlow Essentials

Glow Essentials

Your go-to essentials for head-turning glow. Plump your skin for luminous hydration and erase any signs of under eye dark circles or puffiness.

15 masks | $77
Holiday DuoHoliday Duo

Holiday Duo

LOOPS Limited Edition Holiday Duo contains our best-selling Clean Slate and Weekly Reset Eye Masks.

2 masks | $12
Winter Skin RefreshWinter Skin Refresh

Winter Skin Refresh

Time to level up your cold weather skincare routine with three ultra moisturizing, brightening and soothing masks.

15 masks | $81
Travel EssentialsTravel Essentials

Travel Essentials

The perfect combination of LOOPS masks to become your favorite travel companions. Travel pouch included.

8 masks | $44
Holiday Travel EssentialsHoliday Travel Essentials

Holiday Travel Essentials

The perfect travel companion.

12 masks | $65
Fresh Peel Single MaskFresh Peel Single Mask

Fresh Peel Single Mask

Resurfacing Hydrogel Face Mask

1 masks | $7
Skincare Obsessed KitSkincare Obsessed Kit

Skincare Obsessed Kit

A total game-changer for the beauty aficionado in your life. This one's the ultimate all-around skincare booster, no exceptions.

3 masks | $19
The Wellness KitThe Wellness Kit

The Wellness Kit

A total wellness recovery kit for someone who puts their self-care routine #1.

3 masks | $19
Travel Bag

Travel Bag

This travel bag is a perfect addition to your travels. Place your LOOPS masks inside when you're on the go, so they are always within reach!

loops beauty | $10
Dream Sleep Single MaskDream Sleep Single Mask

Dream Sleep Single Mask

Nighttime Slugging Hydrogel Face Mask

1 mask | $7
The Slumber PartyThe Slumber Party

The Slumber Party

Invite friends over for a night of detoxing and recovery with a complete LOOPS sleepover set.

24 masks | $110
Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Hit the do not disturb mode & dive into a ritual of pampering with the ultimate at-home-spa experience to bring you the most radiant skin.

30 masks | $144
Gift CardGift Card

Gift Card

Our Gift Card is a perfect option if you're not sure what to get or if you're in a time crunch. Our digital Gift Cards are redeemable online only. Gift Cards will be emailed to you after checkout. Simply forward it to the person of your choice.

loops beauty | $25
Date NightDate Night

Date Night

Date Night bundle gives you two of everything you need for dewy skin and bright eyes before a night in (or out).

6 masks | $31
Weekly Reset Hydration MaskWeekly Reset Hydration Mask

Weekly Reset Hydration Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Anti-Acne SaviorAnti-Acne Savior

Anti-Acne Savior

Unwrap the gift of clear, radiant skin this holiday season with our Anti-Acne Savior bundle.

10 masks | $59
Zen EssentialsZen Essentials

Zen Essentials

Masks for the zen moments in your life. The perfect trio to start, end and reset your days & weeks.

21 masks | $101
Post-Party CurePost-Party Cure

Post-Party Cure

When your skin needs a pick-me up from a Holiday party

15 face masks | $84
White Jade Stone Facial Roller (The Full Loop)White Jade Stone Facial Roller (The Full Loop)

White Jade Stone Facial Roller (The Full Loop)

The perfect tool to pair with your LOOPS masks and face care routine

1 roller | $25
Red Carpet SkinRed Carpet Skin

Red Carpet Skin

Everything you need to look your best for a big event in your life.

20 masks | $96
loops beauty | $0