Clean Slate Detoxifying Mask

After a workout or long day to cleanse and detox


The cleanse your skin’s begging for after a full day, sweaty workout, or whenever you’re just feeling particularly dirty ;) It’s a detox when your skin needs it, a literal clean slate. 

What's Included:

VOLCANIC ASH • A natural exfoliant that deep cleans and detoxifies pores. Derived from Hawaiian clay.
BAMBUSA WATER • Full of amino acids and minerals. Hydrates skin to replenish after a cleanse.
SHEA SEEDCAKE EXTRACT • Derived from shea butter—detoxifies and protects skin from air pollution.
ALOE VERA • Hydrates, soothes and calms skin.

Shea seedcake extract purifies, joining forces with cleansing volcanic ash, calming aloe vera, and the super hydrating and healing powers of bambusa water. 

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