A Skin-Cycle WeekA Skin-Cycle Week

A Skin-Cycle Week

Seven days of skin-cycling, a week of perfect skin for your beauty-loving friend. 

7 masks | $40
First TimerFirst Timer

First Timer

Send the First-Timer package to someone who appreciates a fresh face as much as you do.

5 masks + 5 eye masks | $70
Best Seller
A Gift for Everyone | Variety LoopA Gift for Everyone | Variety Loop

A Gift for Everyone | Variety Loop

For the multitasker who makes it all look way too easy.

5 masks | $35
Morning Lover | Sunrise ServiceMorning Lover | Sunrise Service

Morning Lover | Sunrise Service

For the friend who rises with the sun, the perfect gift for the ultimate morning person.

5 masks | $35
Life of the Party | Double TakeLife of the Party | Double Take

Life of the Party | Double Take

For the last one to leave the party (who's still somehow always glowing).

5 masks | $35
Fit Friend | Clean SlateFit Friend | Clean Slate

Fit Friend | Clean Slate

The perfect gift for the person who loves nothing more than working up a sweat.

5 masks | $35
Self-Care Guru | Weekly ResetSelf-Care Guru | Weekly Reset

Self-Care Guru | Weekly Reset

For the beauty enthusiast who knows his/ her stuff, the perfect self-care reset.

5 masks | $35
Homebody | Night ShiftHomebody | Night Shift

Homebody | Night Shift

For the homebody who loves to keep it cozy.

5 masks | $35
Camila's FavoritesCamila's Favorites

Camila's Favorites

A collection of Camila's favorite masks, all for different moments and skin needs.

10 masks | $50
Fall Travel EssentialsFall Travel Essentials

Fall Travel Essentials

The perfect travel companion.

8 masks | $40
Fall Skin RefreshFall Skin Refresh

Fall Skin Refresh

The perfect curation to keep your skin glowy as the days get shorter and cooler.

15 masks | $90
Save $10
Glow EssentialsGlow Essentials

Glow Essentials

The go-to essentials for major glow

15 masks | $85
Save $10
Big Night OutBig Night Out

Big Night Out

Everything you need to prep, rest and recover before and after a big night out.

15 masks | $95
Starter PackStarter Pack

Starter Pack

Test out all the Loops Essentials. Travel pouch included

5 masks | $30
Best Seller
Under Eye MaskUnder Eye Mask

Under Eye Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Eye Mask

5 pairs | $25
White Jade Stone Facial RollerWhite Jade Stone Facial Roller

White Jade Stone Facial Roller

The perfect tool to pair with your LOOPS masks and face care routine

1 roller | $25