Under Eye MaskUnder Eye Mask

Under Eye Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Eye Mask

5 pairs | $25
Variety LoopVariety Loop

Variety Loop

5 Hydrogel Face Masks. Try them all. Now featuring our new resurfacing mask Fresh Peel

5 masks | $30
Travel EssentialsTravel Essentials

Travel Essentials

The perfect travel companion.

12 masks | $65
Anti-Acne SaviorAnti-Acne Savior

Anti-Acne Savior

Designed to restore, balance and clarify your complexion by deep cleansing, detoxing and gently exfoliating your skin.

10 masks | $59
Glow GangGlow Gang

Glow Gang

The Urban Outfitters x LOOPS exclusive Glow Gang collection for your mornings, days and nights

3 masks | $18
Clean SlateClean Slate

Clean Slate

Detoxifying Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Winter Skin RefreshWinter Skin Refresh

Winter Skin Refresh

Time to level up your cold weather skincare routine with three ultra moisturizing, brightening and soothing masks.

15 masks | $81
Weekly ResetWeekly Reset

Weekly Reset

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
A Skin Cycle WeekA Skin Cycle Week

A Skin Cycle Week

A week of perfect skin. A Skin Cycle Week bundle helps you reset and reveal your best complexion yet.

6 masks | $38
Holiday DuoHoliday Duo

Holiday Duo

LOOPS Limited Edition Holiday Duo contains our best-selling Clean Slate and Weekly Reset Eye Masks.

2 masks | $12
First TimerFirst Timer

First Timer

The First-Timer bundle features our best-sellers to help you achieve a fresh & glowing complexion.

10 masks | $51
Double TakeDouble Take

Double Take

Glow Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Skincare Obsessed KitSkincare Obsessed Kit

Skincare Obsessed Kit

This one's the ultimate all-around skincare booster that helps you to reset, detox and gently exfoliate.

3 masks | $19
The Wellness KitThe Wellness Kit

The Wellness Kit

A total wellness recovery kit that helps repair your skin barrier, protect you from pollution and give you a dewy and hydrated complexion.

3 masks | $19
Sunrise ServiceSunrise Service

Sunrise Service

Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $30
Gift CardGift Card

Gift Card

Our Gift Card is a perfect option if you're not sure what to get or if you're in a time crunch. Our digital Gift Cards are redeemable online only. Gift Cards will be emailed to you after checkout. Simply forward it to the person of your choice.

loops beauty | $25
Fresh PeelFresh Peel

Fresh Peel

Resurfacing Hydrogel Face Mask

5 masks | $35
Post-Party CurePost-Party Cure

Post-Party Cure

When your skin needs a pick-me up from the night before.

15 face masks | $84