A Skin-Cycle WeekA Skin-Cycle Week

A Skin-Cycle Week

A week of perfect skin. A Skin Cycle Week bundle helps you reset and reveal your best complexion yet.

6 masks | $34
Under Eye MaskUnder Eye Mask

Under Eye Mask

Rejuvenating Hydrogel Eye Mask

5 pairs | $25
Zen EssentialsZen Essentials

Zen Essentials

Masks for the zen moments in your life. The perfect trio to start, end and reset your days & weeks.

21 masks | $101
Photoshoot PrepPhotoshoot Prep

Photoshoot Prep

3-day routine will help you find your perfect light, while leaving your complexion detoxed, prepped, hydrated, even-toned and luminous.

15 masks | $83
Skincare 101Skincare 101

Skincare 101

Everything you need to take your skincare routine to the next level

20 masks | $104
Glow GangGlow Gang

Glow Gang

The Urban Outfitters x LOOPS exclusive Glow Gang collection for your mornings, days and nights

3 masks | $18
Camila's FavoritesCamila's Favorites

Camila's Favorites

A collection of Camila's favorite masks, all for different moments and skin needs.

8 masks | $46
Fall Travel EssentialsFall Travel Essentials

Fall Travel Essentials

The perfect travel companion.

8 masks | $45